Green eggs and ham, minus the eggs and ham

If you have been following my blog, and if you know me, you would know that I have had an ethical issue with eating meat for a long while.  It begun when I got my first fur baby.  I realized that animals feel and know what is going on around them; they are sentient beings.  They are intelligent beings, just like us, and like us they deserve to not be separated from their family, enslaved, tortured and killed.  I could not reconcile eating any animal and yet love and call another my baby.  I liked meat and enjoyed it actually.  … Continue reading Green eggs and ham, minus the eggs and ham

Less consumerism, more quality time

A new year always brings with it a sense of starting afresh.  It’s like what happened in 2019 stays in 2019 and we start 2020 on a clean slate.  Thus I suppose all the news year’s resolutions.  I know that new year’s resolutions are frowned upon and are considered clichéd.  I however think that whatever propels an individual to become a better version of themselves can never be a bad thing.  Unfortunately, what transpired in 2019 from an environmental perspective cannot be forgotten, it will have an impact on us for years to come.  With each passing year pollution becomes … Continue reading Less consumerism, more quality time

Dairy Alternatives

It has been a few weeks since my last post on the dairy evolution; which explained the horrors of the dairy industry and the suffering endured by the dairy cows.  Year-end deadlines, exhaustion, a holiday and an increased social calendar have been keeping me busy.  I don’t feel centered when I don’t have a chance to write which requires me to sit in silence… it is indeed my happy place.   I am so happy and grateful to be able to write again.  I received so many comments, sent to me personally, on my last post.  It is really exciting to … Continue reading Dairy Alternatives

Dairy Evolution

It has taken me a long time to get to the point of where I can write a blog entry about the dairy industry.  It is particularly difficult for me because of the absolute cruelty.  Just reading up on how these beautiful mothers and babies are treated brings me so much sadness.  I cannot imagine having to go through the same existence.  Empathy does not only extend to our fellow human beings but extends to all living beings.  I ask that when reading my blog posts about our fellow livings beings that you try to empathize with what they are … Continue reading Dairy Evolution

Designer pooches

I will never forget going to a popular farmer’s market in Cape Town. I thought farmer’s markets were for those individuals who understood the importance of eating fresh produce that was preferable organic. It was for people who understood that conventional farming was not only cruel but the byproduct was bad for us. One of the nice things about a farmer’s market is that a lot of them are pet friendly. What one pictures about a farmer’s market and what it is in reality are two very different things. It would seem that they have just become another fad…it is … Continue reading Designer pooches

Oh ‘&@#$’ a lot of things are made with palm oil!

Palm oil is not commonly used in the West to cook with therefore if you are situated in that part of the world you probably would not know what I am referring to.  However, if you take a closer look at the ingredients of many items, particularly processed foods and snacks, that you eat you would be surprised to see just how many of them have palm oil as an ingredient.  Palm oil is also used in everyday household and self-care items. The majority of the oil produced globally is palm oil due to how inexpensive it is relative to … Continue reading Oh ‘&@#$’ a lot of things are made with palm oil!

Swopping products

We use certain products on a daily basis, and some of those products we use numerous times a day, but have you ever considered the products impact on the environment?  If you have never thought about its impact on the environment, your fellow creatures and on your own health then you are certainly not alone or at fault.  We are so caught up in the hamster wheel of survival that we forget to stop, breath and take note of our surroundings.  Life can certainly be busy.  Sometimes I find myself asking: Are we busy with the right things? Are we … Continue reading Swopping products


Recycling is one of the easiest things you can do to positively impact the environment.  It’s as simple as not throwing all your trash in one bin. Before we get to the recycling stage we must first attempt to reduce unnecessary usage and to reuse what we can.  We can reduce unnecessary usage very easily in our everyday life.  Instead of using plastic lunch bags use a lunch box.  Use a cloth to wipe mess instead of paper towels.  Try reusing glass jars to store pantry items.  We are certainly a generation of people that waste unnecessarily and a generation … Continue reading Recycle

Shorter showers

This one has been particularly difficult for me to be honest. Growing up I always took baths.  I was a big advocate for a long bath over a shower.  However, after school, university and moving out of my parents’ home I suppose I then felt the pressures of real life.  I had to now take care of a home, including cook my own food, manage a career, studies and taking care of a dog.  I simply did not have the time for a long bath.  The time it took to run the water for a bath, then the obligatory moment … Continue reading Shorter showers

Going free Range

Not eating meat [term used collectively for all red meat and chicken] or making a better choice about the meat that I ate was never something that I was really conscious of until I came to love a little fur ball.  I was always conscious of eating healthy and making sure that I gave my body the best nutrients about 85% of the time.  I still love packet[s] of crisps…  I certainly never made the connection that ‘what meat you eat’ also has an impact on your body as well as the amount of meat that you ate. Alexander, aka … Continue reading Going free Range